Can Incompatible Relationships Work?

Sometimes, people fall in love without testing compatibility. A certain amount of compatibility is important in every relationship. The compatibility between you and your partner will help both of you to walk on the path of life together. But the question is, how can you test compatibility before being with someone? The answer is, you cannot. To test your compatibility with someone, you have to be with that person and understand each other. Sometimes, it turns out that couples are not compatible with each other, but there is love and affection. Even if a couple wants to be with each other, they need a bit of compatibility to keep it going for the long term. There is a question that many people ask, “can incompatible relationships work?”. Honestly, though incompatible relationships can work for some time, they do not run long unless you work hard on them. 

Does an incompatible relationship really work?

Though it depends on how much both of you want to be with each other, incompatible relationships usually don’t work. They only work when the two souls involved in the relationship work hard to turn their incompatibilities into compatibility. If you want your relationship to run long and want to be with that person for your entire life, you will have to work on your incompatibilities. At an initial stage, the incompatibilities may not bring many issues. But, as you continue going into the depth of your relationship, you will understand that there is a great hollow space between you and your partner that cannot be filled. There will be trust issues, communication gaps, dirty fights and much more. This will end up cutting the chords between you and your partner. If you are not compatible enough with your partner, you will not be able to be friends with them. There will be differences in the ways of thinking as well as how you and your partner see the world individually. At a certain point, both of you can face difficulties understanding each other, and without understanding, there is no relationship.  

Before you try to turn an incompatible relationship into a compatible relationship, make sure to understand whether your partner wants it to work or not. If your partner doesn’t want to work on the incompatibilities to take the relationship forward and make it healthy, there is nothing much you can do. If they don’t want to hear you or communicate with you to solve the problems as a team, you will need to understand the signal and move on. Don’t keep trying and hurting yourself for a partner who doesn’t want to make it work. 

How to turn an incompatible relationship into a compatible relationship?

It is not possible to check whether the person is compatible with you or not before falling in love. So, the solution to this problem is, you will need to talk to your partner and understand each other to enhance your compatibility. Here are the best ways that can help you to enhance compatibility with your partner.

1. Try to know your partner better

First, you will need to try to know your partner better. Even if you think that you and your partner are not compatible with each other, you will have to know them entirely to be sure of that. You need to be honest about it and notice which are the points that make the two of you incompatible with each other. If you can understand on which points you need to work, it will be easier to enhance the compatibility in your relationship. Understand what are the best qualities of your partner, what are their preferences and how they see the world outside. You have to understand what your partner wants from their lives and whether it is different from your desires or not. You will also need to understand which emotion leads your partner. 

In some cases, people let their anger guide them. If your partner is a person who is guided by their anger and you are completely different, there is a problem that will create issues in the relationship after a certain time. Also, if your partner is emotionally sensible and always talks about the long term, and you are a person who fears commitment, you will need to talk about this with your partner openly. There can be several points that make both of you incompatible with each other. Find those points by knowing your partner better. Also, make sure not to make any assumptions about your partner by judging their social circles. 

2. Talk to your partner openly about your incompatibilities

You have to be honest with your partner and talk about your incompatibilities openly. You both will need to discuss the points and come to a conclusion about how you can deal with them together. Communication is the main key to a healthy relationship. Sometimes, people try to hide their incompatibilities from their partners, but this is how things get worse. Incompatibility can be the reason why you are not able to communicate with your partner properly. You will need to find a proper solution, and to do that, first, you need to stop hiding from the problems. Tell your partner about how you can work on the points of clash together. When you are in a relationship with a person, both of you are in a single team. While communicating about your desires and perceptions with your partner, make sure to be honest. Also, you will have to listen to the desires and perceptions of your partner as well without judging them. 

3. Focus on the things that you have in common

Besides pointing out the differences, you will have to find out the things both of you have in common. There must be a few things that you have in common, and those are the things that will help you to create lifelong memories. Shift your focus from the things that are different, and start celebrating the things you have in common. For example, both of you can have an intense love for art. So, you can create memories based on this common interest. If both of you love to do social work, start doing that as a team. These things will make your relationship stronger. This will work as a strong pillar of deep understanding between you and your partner. You will be able to create memories together and have something on which you can talk for long hours. These common traits will strengthen your friendship. 

4. Celebrate your differences

If you are willing to know how to make an incompatible relationship work, the answer is, by celebrating your differences. You’ll have to see your partner as your other half, which is there to complete you. For example, if you have a sensitive mind and your partner is extremely practical, you can help your partner to make sensible decisions, and your partner can help you to make practical ones. It is how you can complete each other. If you start celebrating the differences between you and your partner, it will become easy to appreciate those differences and use them to complete yourself. If you start celebrating your differences, your relationship will become more interesting and not be affected by the negative sides of your differences. This practice will increase the understanding between both of you and will also help you and your partner to accept yourself as you are. 

5. Help each other to grow

If your relationship has incompatibilities, it means that you and your partner will have differences in opinions. Even if you do not completely agree with the decisions your partner is making for their lives, don’t discourage them. Rather you can discuss your opinion with them and see whether they consider those things. Remember that you and your partner are two different human beings, and you will have differences in opinions. To make an incompatible relationship work, you will have to help each other grow in life and reach their goals. Try to understand what your partner wants from their lives and try to help them achieve them. Always be there for your partner in the ups and downs. If you want your relationship to run lifelong, you must help each other grow. Explore your interests together, learn new things together, do experiments, experience new things and live your life to the fullest with each other. 


To make an incompatible relationship work, you must turn the same incompatibilities into compatibility. You can do it by understanding each other, focusing on the common points and celebrating the differences. A couple needs to work on a relationship to keep it going for a lifetime. If you feel that your partner is not compatible with you, both you and your partner need to work harder on it. Yes, you can make an incompatible relationship work only if both of you want it to. It will only work when you communicate with each other with honesty and solve the problems as a team. If your relationship, understanding and bonding are stronger than your incompatibilities, the relationship will surely work.

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