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Unlock the secrets of the hidden words with expert handwriting analysis.

Graphology & Handwriting Analysis

Detailed handwriting & signature analysis is done here to reveal an individual’s nature and character accurately. The handwriting and signature tell a lot about a person’s personality traits. At Inside Ink, the handwriting analysis which is done is focused on using the science of Graphology to help individuals to learn more about themselves or others. This helps them to develop their personalities, solve problems if any and make their lives better in the long run.

Career Counselling

Getting your personality assessment done and knowing your strengths and weaknesses is very important and necessary before taking any major decisions in regards to your education, career and profession. Use handwriting analysis aka Graphology to get your queries answered and know which career options are most suitable for you. This helps you in taking the right decision ensuring utmost success in your professional life!

Compatibility Analysis

Compatibility is the natural ability to live or work together in harmony because of well-matched characteristics. But it could take you months or maybe years to understand the character of an individual. Compatibility analysis can help you to understand the following:

  • Whether you and your significant other are a compatible match
  • Whether you and your business partner have good compatibility to make your business successful
  • How you can make your relationship more compatible with your partner
  • You want to find out your partner’s actual personality type

We at Inside Ink can help you to discover the genuine character of an individual within a few days. Our handwriting analysis and compatibility report can help you to identify the personality of an individual as well as understand your level of compatibility with that individual.

Recruitment/Work Performance

Getting the right candidate for the job is desired by all companies. Getting maximum output and productivity from all team members is every manager’s dream. We at Inside Ink understand that. So we help companies in their recruitment process by doing handwriting and candidate analysis of the job applicants. This enables the hiring teams with valuable insights into hiring the perfect candidates for the respective job openings. We also do candidate analysis for work performance. By doing handwriting analysis and personality assessment of the company employees, we enable the management with excellent insights and ideas to increase the productivity and output of their employees. 

Online Graphology Classes

Learn Graphology in full detail by taking up extensive courses conducted online at Inside Ink which begin with the introduction of the topic and covers every minor aspect of handwriting and signature analysis of a written document. Hands on training given making the students excellent graphologists during the duration of courses itself. Notes are provided for the same.

Signature Forgery Detection

Signature forgery is a crime committed when a person signs someone else’s signature in order to commit fraud or deceive others. Likewise, signing another person’s signature to a range of other written documents without permission also constitutes signature forgery. 

To understand and detect forgery, an expert graphologist’s opinion is needed. At Inside Ink, an intensive study is done to understand whether the signature/s are forged or not on the legal documents and a detailed report is provided differentiating the original and forged signature, making it easier for anyone to present their case in courts or places of matter.

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