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About The Graphologist

Hi! My name is Neha Phatak Rakshas.

I have done my engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from Pune University and M.Tech in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from IIT Bombay. I have a vast experience from having worked with many corporate companies over the years and it is what drove me to work on my position of Graphology and Teaching. 

I’m a certified Graphologist, Handwriting Analyst and Graphotherapist in Mumbai. Since 2002 I have counselled many people overcome their problems and succeed in life.

My motto is keeping it simple and providing easy solutions to my students and clients. 

My aim is to provide cost effective and easy Graphology services to my clients which can help bring positive changes in their lives. I also love teaching graphology because it empowers my students to vastly improve their own and others’ life at a personal and professional level. It leads to the betterment of their lives at a whole new level.

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19+ Years of Experience

A Qualified Graphologist & Graphotherapy Expert

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Our Services

Get to know yourself and others better or learn Graphology yourself!

Graphology & Handwriting Analysis

Detailed handwriting & signature analysis is done here to reveal an individual’s nature and character accurately. The handwriting and signature tell a lot about a person’s personality traits. At Inside Ink, the handwriting analysis which is done is focused on using the science of Graphology to help individuals to learn more about themselves or others. This helps them to develop their personalities, solve problems if any and make their lives better in the long run.

Drawing Analysis

Drawing analysis can be used to know about the behaviour and other important aspects of an individual’s personality. The traits that are seen in one’s handwriting and signature are also seen in the drawing as well. Hence drawing analysis solves the problem of deciphering the personality of those who cannot write. It can tell the person’s background, personality traits as well as what the person is feeling right now regarding various aspects of life.

Career Counselling

Getting your personality assessment done and knowing your strengths and weaknesses is very important and necessary before taking any major decisions in regards to your education, career and profession. Use handwriting analysis aka Graphology to get your queries answered and know which career options are most suitable for you. This helps you in taking the right decision ensuring utmost success in your professional life!

Handwriting Improvement

Improve your handwriting permanently from inside out. Your handwriting is a direct imprint of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your thought process. Understand the reason behind your current state of handwriting. Get pictures and videos of individual letters and sentences for your daily copywriting practice and improve your handwriting at a very fast pace!

Online Graphology Classes

Learn Graphology in full detail by taking up extensive courses conducted online at Inside Ink which begin with the introduction of the topic and covers every minor aspect of handwriting and signature analysis of a written document. Hands on training given making the students excellent graphologists during the duration of courses itself. Notes are provided for the same.

Signature Forgery Detection

Signature forgery is a crime committed when a person signs someone else’s signature in order to commit fraud or deceive others. Likewise, signing another person’s signature to a range of other written documents without permission also constitutes signature forgery. 

To understand and detect forgery, an expert graphologist’s opinion is needed. At Inside Ink, an intensive study is done to understand whether the signature/s are forged or not on the legal documents and a detailed report is provided differentiating the original and forged signature, making it easier for anyone to present their case in courts or places of matter.

What Clients Say About Inside Ink!

Excellent analysis, receiving communication and pr are awesome, I strongly suggest this company as I have taken great service from inside ink solutions
One session in and She has already been a huge help and has provided great resources for me. I look forward to working with her more and growing as a person. Can’t recommend enough!
beena pawar
beena pawar
I am learning Graphology from Neha Mam, I have completed my Level I. Her teaching is so perfect and upto the mark with Practicality. It has cleared many concepts about handwriting and it really works . Her teaching is in depth and explains each and everything clearly and most important her lectures are very interesting. Now I am doing Graphology Level II. , SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER FOUND. THANKS A LOT TO HER.
Poonam Vyas
Poonam Vyas
Neha is very friendly and approachable.  She really knows her work to the core. I would surely recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life for better. Neha revealed the real me by my handwriting even without knowing me personally. She showed me the way to achieve my goals easily and be confident about myself and my dreams.I am really very grateful to her for all her support and guidance Thanks a lot Neha🙂❤. All the best to you 👍
Career Counselling
ruchika diwakar
ruchika diwakar
Ms. Neha has in depth knowledge of her subject and her analysis of handwriting is almost entirely correct. She is very polite and patient and gives a lot of time to her clients regarding their queries and doubts. Even after the analysis is shared she has continued to help me with my practice and gives regular feedback for the correct type of improvement. I am confident she is one of the top resource persons in graphology in India . Wishing her the best and may she continue to help her clients in an ever progressing manner.
Shruti Veer
Shruti Veer
Me and my dad got our basic analysis done by neha. It was accurate. Would surely go more deep analysis soon now
chaitrali kulkarni
chaitrali kulkarni
The signature analysis was very much accurate and precise. Thank you so much Neha mam for the analysis and guidance.
Prutha Benara
Prutha Benara
Neha gives really good analysis and good analysis .. she is quite patient and prompt and helps by discussing and addressing the concern. The services were fast and easy to access . Great going ! 👍👍

What Clients Usually Ask!

First and foremost, let’s begin with the most asked question!

What is Graphology?

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is the art and science of assessing, understanding and identifying personality traits and characteristics of a person from the handwriting and signature.

Graphology reveals a person’s nature and character accurately. Hence it is used in any application where a person’s personality needs to be analysed. One of the major applications of Graphology is in child development and clinical psychology.

It is recognised throughout Europe and the US as an accurate and reliable tool for personality and character analysis. It is a subject for psychology students in many universities.

What is Graphotherapy?

Now we know that Graphology reveals the entire personality and issues one is facing from the handwriting and signature. Changes in your life and thought process results in changes in your handwriting. The reverse holds true as well.

Graphotherapy is the science of changing your personality by changing your handwriting and signature to bring positive changes in your life.

Just by practicing few correctly altered letters daily will bring amazing desired changes in your life in different areas like personal life, success rate, career growth, improvement in health etc.

This happens because by practicing the given letters and/or signature, deep and long-lasting changes start taking place in your thinking and thought process. This makes you take better and wiser decisions and actions. You start attracting positive situations and outcomes around you.

You will start seeing changes in a few days itself if practiced daily. 

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

The handwriting shows a distinct impression of the person’s conscious and subconscious mind. That is why it helps one to understand about a person’s complete personality, thought process and mindset. It reveals all the strengths, weaknesses, traits and characteristics of a person. The following can be understood from a person’s handwriting and signature:

  • Complete nature and personality
  • Career and Professional condition/life
  • Family Life
  • Health
  • The core reason for progressing/not progressing in life

A Sample Handwriting Analysis

Below is an image of a client’s writing sample along with a document containing its analysis.

Learn From The Graphologist

What Is Graphology?
How Much Can One Understand From Graphology?
Benefits Of Learning Graphology

Learn More About Graphology And Graphotherapy

Have more queries regarding the field? Check out the questions below!
  • We are taught writing at a very young age. Hence writing becomes a subconscious process from very early stages in our life. It becomes a habitual activity like tying shoes or driving. We do not have to put any extra effort to perform the action of writing. While writing, we use the conscious as well as the subconscious mind. The conscious mind tells us what to write and the subconscious mind guides and tells us as to how to write. Hence, handwriting shows a distinct impression of the person’s mind and thought process.
  • The real driving force behind every habit/ action/ characteristic of a person is the thought itself, that is the subconscious thought. And all of this is reflected in the handwriting and signature. Every person has a different kind of mind (conscious and subconscious), mindset, thought making mechanism and thought process.
  • There will be common or similar traits in different handwritings. But every person has a unique set of traits and characteristics which makes each handwriting unique and distinguishable.

Understanding Yourself – Graphology analysis reveals your personal thoughts and subconscious mind. It helps you to know yourself better and improve the negative aspects of your personality.

Child Development – Handwriting analysis is very useful in understanding the child and the parents, helping them out in better upbringing of the child. Also, child delinquency can be detected at a very early stage. Hence children can be guided to become better citizens in the future.

Criminology – Graphology can be a vital tool in bank fraud detection and finding the real culprit via the written handwriting and signature in burglary and theft cases.

Recruitment – Graphology gives a deep insight into a person and his/her thought process. So it can play an important role in selecting the perfect candidate for the appropriate job profile. It also helps in understanding some important traits such as leadership quality, creativity, trustworthiness in handling finances, dedication to work etc.

Selecting/Understanding Your Life Partner – Graphology is very useful in helping one understand the partner and clearing out differences if any. It gives a completely true picture of a person thus helping one in selecting the right partner. This helps in avoiding difficulties and disasters of the future very effectively.

Selecting A Business Partner – Since graphology tells the mindset of a person immediately, it can help you select your business partner correctly (if you want to go into a business partnership).

Graphology cannot help to determine:

  1. Gender: One cannot detect the gender of a person as many males have feminine traits and vice-versa.
  2. Age: There can be an immature forty-year-old person and a mature fifteen-year-old person. The handwriting represents the mind and not age. 
  3. Left/Right Handed: One cannot understand which hand is used for writing because the brain is the controlling source of it.
  4. Nationality: Graphology cannot detect the nationality of an individual.
  5. Caste/Religion: Graphology cannot detect the caste, creed, and religion of an individual.
  • The handwriting and signature of the person are needed to do a proper and complete analysis. 
  • The person has to write 7 to 8 lines on a blank unruled page and sign 3 times below it. If he/she has more than 1 signature then each signature has to be done 3 times.
  • One should not copy from anywhere while writing and can write anything that comes to the mind. Also one should not write in a hurry. It is necessary to write and sign in a calm, comfortable manner and position.
  • A clear picture or scan of this writing and a closeup photo/scan of the backside of the sheet (to understand the pressure of the writing) should be sent for the analysis.
  • You can consult expert handwriting analyst to get you complete handwriting analysis done.

You are, if your age is anywhere between 10 and 70 years.

  • Drawing Analysis reveals traits, thought process, characteristics from the drawing made by the person. This is very helpful to understand the personality of those people who cannot write. The person is asked to draw certain objects like sun, water, trees etc. which tells the state of mind of a person.
  • It tells us the energy state of a person. Energy here refers to various elements such as condition/state with regards to parents, money, profession etc. This energy state is different for every person. It tells how secure or stable a person is feeling and much more.
  • The traits and characteristics of an individual seen in the handwriting and signature are seen in the drawing as well.
  • Certain objects like Sun, Mountains, Water, Tree, Human and House have certain associations. Everyone has their own memories, moods and emotions associated with different objects. When we tell a person to draw these certain objects in the picture, there is a subjective interpretation for each of them.
  • This subjective meaning of all the objects together gives a deep insight into the subconscious associations. These associations are a result of what the person has been seeing around since childhood. Since drawing on a canvas is constraint-free for the person, it gives an imprint as to how the subconscious mind perceives all factors in life.
  • This is how Drawing Analysis reveals the traits, thought process, characteristics and personality of the individual.

  • Drawing analysis gives clear insight of the person’s mind. It reveals how the mind correlates all factors, associations and how the person coordinates them with thoughts, actions and emotions.
  • This is why Drawing analysis can tell a lot about the person’s background, behaviour and many important aspects of the personality. It tells what the person is feeling currently regarding various aspects of life, such as finances, personal relations, etc.
  • The characteristics seen in the handwriting and signature are also seen in the drawing as well.
  • Along with giving similar results as handwriting analysis, drawing analysis is especially useful because it is not language bound.
  • Hence, we can do the personality and character analysis of any person.
  • All the traits that are seen in one’s handwriting and signature are also seen in their drawing. This solves the problem of deciphering the personality of those who cannot write.

You are, if your age is anywhere between 8 and 70 years.

  • Yes, it is! You just have to give few minutes of your time daily to practice the given letters and/or signature.
  • Graphotherapy changes the mindset through conscious effort to bring in the desired positive changes. The effect is deep and long lasting in your life.
  • All you need is a pen, paper and 5 minutes of your time daily. In return you will get high success rate, happiness and solutions to your problems. It is really a great bargain, isn’t it?
  • There is no perfect handwriting or signature. No trait is good or bad in Graphology. It is the reference that matters. It is how you utilise all your characteristics and traits for your own and other’s benefit and goodwill.
  • After practicing Graphology, you will develop qualities needed for you to be nearer to perfection like ambition, confidence, will power, an open mind etc. increasing your success rate in all the domains of your life.
  • Graphology needs to be learnt in two ways: Handwriting and Signature Analysis. In order to completely and correctly analyse a person’s writing via Graphology, handwriting and signature both have to be studied together. Then only the analysis is considered as complete. There are various concepts which need to be understood to learn Graphology such as margins, zones, pressure, connections, patterns of individual letters and so on. 

  • After practicing Graphology, you will develop qualities needed for you to be nearer to perfection like ambition, confidence, will power, an open mind etc. increasing your success rate in all the domains of your life.
  • Graphology is considered as a pseudoscience. No scientific evidence exists to support graphology. One way it has been tested is by having multiple graphologists analyse the same handwriting sample. When this was done, the graphologists all provided different personality traits, which were all correct, proving there wasn’t a universal accurate way to analyse handwriting. While a pseudo-science is set up to look for evidence that supports its claims, a science is set up to challenge its claims and look for evidence that might prove it false. In other words, pseudo-science seeks confirmations and science seeks falsifications. Hence graphology is considered as a pseudoscience.

  • Yes, very much. To learn Graphology and to become an excellent handwriting and signature analyst, learning all its concepts are very important such as margins, zones, pressure, connections, patterns of individual letters and so on. Along with this, practice is equally necessary. That is implementing and using the knowledge one has learnt to actually analyse various samples to get a hands-on experience. All of this can be easily learnt online by providing proper notes, explanation and hands on training. So yes, Graphology can be learnt online. You can consult the best graphologist to learn about graphology online. 

  • Looks can be deceiving. But the handwritings and signature are not. We cannot understand anyone completely by just looking or talking to a person for some time. Whereas we can make out a person’s complete personality, thought process and mindset in a few minutes itself, just by looking and analysing the person’s handwriting and signature. So, learning Graphology is like having a super power within you to progress in life and to protect yourself and your family as well.

The following can be understood from a person’s handwriting and signature:

  • Complete nature and personality
  • Career and Professional condition/life
  • Family Life and Personal Relations
  • Health
  • The core reason for progressing/not progressing in life

The benefits of Graphology are as follows:

  • Understanding and improving yourself and others
  • Improvement in personal and professional relations
  • Growth and success in Career/Business
  • Compatibility Analysis between 2 people for personal life and business relations
  • Candidate Analysis for Recruitment….and much more
An expert graphologist will help you to learn graphology and take advantage of it for better life. 

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