Graphotherapy For Success: Change Your Handwriting To Live A Successful Life

The art of painting and writing comes with therapeutic effects. Graphotherapy is the science of changing your personality by changing your signature and certain letters to bring positive changes in your life.

Through the process of handwriting analysis, you can analyze the psychological state, character, skills, temper, emotions, health level, and physiological status of a person. According to research conducted recently, it has been seen that the process of learning that involves writing and reading produces certain structural and chemical changes in your brain, incrementing the compactness of the grey and white matter. 

In this article, you will learn about graphotherapy, the role of graphotherapy for success, the benefits of graphotherapy, the best graphotherapy exercises, and many more.


Graphical re-education, also known as graphotherapy, is a part of graphology, which aims to skillfully modify different graphical gestures in a responsive manner to produce certain personality-related changes in the subconscious state to progress in life and overcome the weaknesses. 

Graphotherpy is also recognized as an interrelated tool to many other disciplines, with psychology being one among them. It depends on the rational performance of the universal movements incorporated with repetitive graphical exercises. 


It is a popular belief that graphotherapy works best with children since their handwriting is in the formative stage, just like their character. It is undergoing changes and development every day, just like its thought process. This is why graphologists consider this time as the best one to rectify undesirable traits with good and socially acceptable ones. 

The method of writing is well established via the nervous circuit present in the left side of your brain. This is responsible for sending sensory-motor signals to your hand, which then follows and works as per its orders. Before beginning with Graphotherapy, it is important to conduct thorough research of the writing sample in question and the strokes used.

It is also acceptable to apply the other reverse path i.e. checking out the brain mechanisms and inverting the technique of writing and custom modification unless and until they turn out to take the shape of habits, altering the thoughts and information in your mind. 



Research carried out on some specific neurological mechanisms by an American Scientist named Eric Richard Kandel has revealed the fundamentals of Graphotherapy and how it can change your life. Much against your belief, neuronal connections are fully mutable, i.e., changeable. The works conducted by Kandel revolve around the study of memory processes and learning, keeping into consideration ‘the presumed’ neuronal plasticity reflecting this. He also emphasized the difference between neuronal elasticity and neuronal plasticity. 

While neuronal elasticity refers to a temporary change that returns to its original shape if the cause producing it gets interrupted, neuronal plasticity refers to a permanent change unalterable even with an interruption to this cause. Neuronal plasticity involves the presence of a cause giving birth to a change with an improvement that is expected to last longer.

Sigmund Freud incorporates the concept of plasticity into memory and learning mechanisms. Psychoanalysis is based on the concept that every experience you have in life leaves some marks on your mind. Owing to the law of reversibility, at the time of modifying the strokes via repetitive graphical exercises, a certain behavioral change is favored. This is because the path from your brain to the sheet is reversible. 


As you continue to explore more on Graphotherapy for success, you may be aware of how it helps understand your subconscious mind. When Handwriting analysis is carried out, various aspects you have inherited from your previous generation come to light. And it has been revealed that during most of this time span, people are not aware of their thoughts and actions, which have been hampering their lives constantly and unknowingly for generation after generation. If no step is taken to change this old and harmful thought process, the coming generation will face the same issues and outcomes that you are now undergoing. And such changes in thoughts and actions can be best achieved through graphotherapy. 

To achieve that change in your life with Graphotherapy, follow these steps:

  • Remain consistent– Be regular and on time to follow your graphotherapy. You need to make it a part of your routine until it happens to be your habit. As soon as you make it a habit, you will be able to enjoy the results of the experience. 
  • Get in touch with your Graphologist on a regular basis- When you are practicing graphology, it is important to show the same to the graphologist. Consulting your graphologist is essential to get the right guidance.

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  • Retain Patience– To avail the benefits of Graphology for success, it is important to retain your patience. You have to remember that the thoughts going on in your mind has been there with you for ages and are in need of additional time to get used to the new thought process. Hence, you need to give your mind the time it requires to adjust to this change. Besides, you need to boost your willpower and decide a time span when you wish to see this change.

Hence, Graphotherapy works well, but only if you have the willpower to put in the efforts required to work.


Here are some of the tips and tricks related to Graphotherapy for Success. 

  • Ascending movements- It expresses your spiritual tendencies meaning you move towards the things that attract you, your ideology, and the ambitions you hold to improve yourself. 
  • Descending Movement– It revealed the material tendencies related to physical, organic, and biological factors like sports, nutrition, physical work, and sexuality. 
  • Movement leftwards- This stands for analysis, introversion, reflection, regressions towards the family members, material impulses, relation with previous experiences, along with your childish attitudes. 
  • Movement rightwards– It reveals your adult-like, mature and extrovert attitude, relation with society, thoughts about the future, and towards achieving the desired goals. 

The exercises carried out are not completely the same as the calligraphic type. Instead, it analyzes and examines body movements where the shapes practice, rhythm, steps, pressure, inclination, and different graphical aspects are considered. Just like the exercises you carry out every day, your mimics and gestures are recorded, stored in the brain, and portrayed through writing. You can analyze them carefully by studying their graphical aspects, including speed, pressure, shape, dimension, direction, continuity, order, and speed. It is recommended that clients order something that provides exact information and price of all their neurological circuits and impulses, defining their physiological activity and conduct.



Graphotherapy sessions begin with taking a small piece of writing of the individual in question. The personality profile is done, and work guidelines are administered to apply them to the strokes subject to modification. This is the primary task involving the rehabilitation process followed by the challenges of working in the page’s spatial organization, reestablishing global aspects hitched to graphical space to alter the individual characteristics as needed. 

This process is implemented as per the requirements of every single individual and the guidelines set by the Graphotherapy exercise module described below:

  • The writing needs to be slightly inclined towards the right. This movement enhances extroversion, develops a healthy relationship with others, and takes proper steps for the future. 
  • Letters should be connected with one another except in cases like the use of accent marks, periods, inverted commas, and more. This trait is helpful to reinforce a continuity in tenacity, activity sociability, and explaining something in brief.
  • Proper use of the bar of the letter ‘T’. This trait will work on your willpower and desire to continue the work you are involved with and help to enjoy success in business and other professional areas. 
  • The dot of the letter ‘i’. This should never be left out as it fosters concentration and attention. 
  • The horizontal direction of the lines- This helps to control variations of your mood and mind that can affect your writing. It helps to correct the euphoric and depressive state of mind. 
  • Layout and the order of the writing with correct spacing in between the lines. The lower and upper parts of the letters should not be mixed or touched. This graphotherapy exercise helps to develop clarity in thoughts and ideas. 
  • Order/ Layout: Correct spacing between lines in the writing. Upper and lower extensions, which are the upper and lower parts of letters, must never be mixed or touch each other. With this, we develop clarity in ideas and thought.


If you consider Graphology for success seriously, there are several areas where you can use it and enjoy its benefits. The effectiveness of graphotherapy, too, remains unquestionable if prescribed properly. Here are 4 reasons why you should be learning graphology:

  • Effective and simple tool to know a person- It is a very effective and simple technique to learn about a person with greater accuracy than many other psychological tests. 
  • Effective recruitment and selection- It plays an important role in recruiting a candidate for your business. By analyzing handwriting, you can estimate a candidate’s personality, desire to work, commitment, psychological and physiological conditions, and many more. You can estimate whether hiring them will benefit your company’s growth and success or not. 
  • Helpful Tool for psychologists– Psychologists use graphology as an effective tool to analyze the individual traits of their clients. While graphology gives a lot of information about an individual’s personality by analyzing their handwriting, a psychologist comes up with an analysis based on the questions asked and the answers received from the client. Hence, in several cases, they prefer using graphology.
  • A good hobby- Graphology is a healthy hobby, and you can learn it as an extracurricular activity. Well, who knows what comes to use when!

Graphology enjoys the ability to identify as many as 300+ personality traits by simply examining the letters, loops, slants, spacing, ending strokes, heights, and more. Every single symbol in particular handwriting is recognized as a specific personality trait. All the aspects in the sample are used in this analysis, from the layout of the text to the letters. 

The science related to graphology helps business leaders analyze and identify the team that best fits their growth and success. Handwriting can assist one in analyzing and selecting a person who is realistic, growth-oriented, forward-thinking, creative, and planned. 


Graphotherapy can be applied in various scenarios. It can enhance your ability to concentrate, remember, perform better, and so on, along with showing convenient signs of improvement in your self-esteem and self-confidence. Suitable for both children and adults, this tool is the right one to monitor actions and make the right decisions in life.

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