8 Facts About Handwriting Analysis You Must Know

Have you ever wondered why you are asked by a mailman every time to sign the acknowledgement receipt once the package is handed over to you? This is because every person has unique handwriting, and it can state whether you took the package or someone you authorized to receive the delivery in your absence. This is why many famous people have attempted to get an idea about a person’s personality through their handwriting. Many writers, such as Edger Allen Poe, and Willian Shakespeare, have attempted to determine the relationship between a person’s character and their handwriting. 

Now the graphology fact is, handwriting tells the truth about your inner self. As you take the pen across a page, you are telling many facts about yourself without speaking about anything in particular. Nevertheless, the art of handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, is considered by few people as a science limited to only forensic laboratories. There are a lot who are unaware of how graphology can be put to use in our day-to-day lives. In this article, we will discuss how handwriting analysis works and the facts that handwriting tells about your personality.

1. What does your handwriting tell you about yourself?

Handwriting analysts believe that every bit of their true self is revealed through their writing. A graphologist or handwriting expert can easily discover the secrets of one’s personality by simply checking out handwriting. This is everything that graphology is all about-in short, the study of human psychology. Whether you write or scribble on a piece of paper, your complete personality happens to get imprinted on it. Right from the size, slant, spacing, margins, width, height, connection, disconnection between alphabets, and the pressure exerted on writing- tells each and every single aspect of your personality. 

For instance, big handwriting, coupled with a right slant, shows that the person has a very outgoing attitude and will excel in professions like marketing and sales, journalism, and more. However, on the other hand, in case someone’s handwriting comes with a lot of pointed and sharp strokes, it means that the writer is hostile, temperamental, and aggressive.

2. The role of handwriting analysis

Talking more about graphology fact, when you write, each stroke reflects a lot about your personality. Handwriting analysis essentially studies the strokes in one’s handwriting, correlating to the writer’s personality. The brain will send signals to the hand to form the strokes revealing who you are, how you feel, behave and think as well as like or dislike. 

3. What are the uses of handwriting analysis?

While handwriting analysis finds use in forensic labs for solving criminal cases, only a handful of the mass is aware of its uses in finding the right candidate for a job post or personality assessment for marriage, business, and more. It can also help to find out a person’s psychological and emotional state and help with deciding compatibility and emotions during marriage counselling cases. 

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4. Do handwriting strokes have an effect on the brain?

Handwriting indeed affects the brain! Each stroke of the pen ends up reflecting your personality, but that is not the end. Besides reflecting personality traits, these strokes reinforce them. For instance, a specific handwriting stroke can reveal that you are a stubborn person, and if you end up writing that particular stroke more often, you become more stubborn. The good part about handwriting is you can successfully change your handwriting or signature and get rid of these negative traits. 

5. You can know yourself through handwriting analysis

Understanding your own personality traits comes with a lot of advantages. You get to learn about your weaknesses and strengths. This way, you will be able to make wise choices about your professional and personal lives. For example, as per graphology fact, if your handwriting indicates you are restless, it is not a good idea to have a career in a profession requiring you to stay logged in for very long hours. Instead, you can do well in the case of a sales job. 

6. You will be able to understand other people via handwriting analysis

Handwriting analysis can help you know more about your friends, family, colleagues, and more. This will help you to avoid misunderstanding as you will be able to act with people keeping their personalities in concern. For instance, if your colleagues do not want to talk to you much, you will tend to think that they don’t like you. But this can be speculation. The real reason may be that you are new to the environment, which is why they are giving you the time to get accustomed. You can better know this by analyzing their handwriting. 

Likewise, with handwriting analysis, you can get a better idea about your partner and get rid of misunderstandings in a very mature way. 

7. Handwriting analysis can help you to select the right career

Handwriting analysis helps you to decide the career that would best suit you. And it is very important to select the right career option to have a good future and professional life. Handwriting analysis helps you understand your abilities, preferences, and talents and will help you select the career that is best for you. It helps you get an idea about your traits. 

8. Handwriting analysis will give you warnings about your health.

Can handwriting reveal your health conditions? New research about graphology has suggested that the handwriting of people with some bone/muscle/joint/coordination/central nervous system problems or issues is visibly different. The writing pressure, patterns, strokes and formations seen in the writing are indicative of the same. 


Wrapping up, handwriting analysis is the study of some scribbles or graphic structures being generated in the brain of the writer and being placed on the paper either in cursive or printed style handwriting. The concept of handwriting analysis is an authentic and dependable indicator of your behavior and personality. As mentioned above, every stroke, slant, alphabet size, spacing, and line reveals each aspect of your personality like your emotional outlay, thinking style, honesty, social skills, mental status, and honesty. Once you master handwriting analysis techniques, you can go ahead and evaluate each and every trait of your personality along with others.

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