How Does Signature Define Personality?

Signature has its paramount significance in all that we scribble, write, or doctrine. Experts, researchers, and analysts think that your signature confides your personality to the public. The meticulous study has revealed that the pressure on the impressions, the size of the impressions, and the inclination of the font, are all different pointers to indicate different traits of an individual. Simply put, your mental perception of the world and your belief level could be interpreted through your signature. 

The intricate relationship – between body and mind

Can you call it hand-to-mind coordination? There are exemplary professionals in this field of graphology who can predict your nature, characteristics, and traits by reading your signature closer. So, how do they do it? What are the pointers that tell them apparently about your individuality or generic attributes? It is quite a curiosity for almost all of us to learn about how to comprehend people’s nature simply through their signatures. However, while the scope is huge for this subject, the observations, study, and lessons are wider to learn to the core. So, we have decided to present you with some of the crucial points that could kindle your interest. 

A sign too shortHighly impatient
Descending slantNegative person
Ascending SlantForward-thinker

Clarity in the write-up

Legible way of writing in a round shape shows that the person is straightforward and reliable. If the write-up seems to be inclined towards the right by an angle, then the writer must be a friendly person to move with ease. Pellucid signatures are a great sign of open-mindedness. These people will not have hidden secrets or be part of clandestine operations. When the signature is not readable easily, then it could be a sign of deception. 

clarity in writeup

Other factors come into play

Does it mean that the majority of doctors are deceptive? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Smart ones may interpret that better depending on the purpose of the write-up, context, and background aspects. Docs could follow that pattern for so many reasons, like to cut down time or communicate specific things that are intriguingly interdisciplinary. 

factors come into play

Graphology and practical experience

Now, this shows lucidly, the interpretations need experience and practical knowledge, too, apart from earning theoretical lessons, which shall never be hard and fast rules to always indicate the same idea. So, before you go to the expert interpretation levels, understand the theory’s basics first. Then match it up with the practical context. Your exposure, intellect, and many other factors play a crucial role, too, in predicting exactly the personality of the individuals based on the signature. 


If your signature is too small, then that is an inhibition sign. Some people have this habit of squeezing the letters tightly in their signature. These people are introverts, and they are constantly on the lookout for better safety and protection for one reason or the other.


Ornate signature

We can see some of the signatures circled around. This is also a sign of withdrawal. The person is not able to connect with the world, for he is either afraid of rejections, failures, or losses. So, the innate nature of the person is to try and protect his or her ego. That is why you can see them encircling their names as a means to defend themselves. Sometimes, this can be a sign of heavy depression that the person has been suffering from a long time. 

ornate signature

Embellished writing

Some other signatures are embellished. We shall see loops and whirls in their write-up. They also complicate things unnecessarily for no reason at all. A major segment of this group may be suffering from an inferiority complex. They may talk louder, and show aggression to grab attention for their speech and recognition among the group. They want them to be known just like the superior others too.

A line underneath

Often we see people signing with their names underlined. The lines underneath may be longer to extend until the initials are in some cases. The curvature and the length of the line, as well as the arc and the finishing of the line, matter to interpret this style precisely. Graphology experts say, on average, these types of signatures denote the person’s strong desire to establish themself as a powerful individual in society. Usually, these people have high self-esteem and occupy higher positions on the organizational ladder or are star sportsmen or noteworthy people in society. They are keen to grow more and more to improve their status in society. A healthy ego gives them a feeling of superiority, and that subconsciously drives them to underline their signature. 

Optimistic people and their signatures

If the signatures are ascending, then it shows optimism. The inclination of the signature or the slope of the inclination is what matters here the most. Graphology studies reveal that if the slope is above 45 degrees, they are the most ambitious ones on the planet. If it is less than that, then they are optimistic and have forward thoughts in their life. 

Descending signatures and their traits

These people are showing/having depression or ‘loser’ feelings caused by some failure or loss. They are giving up in spite of some good achievements.

Never put a period in your signature

A period of full stops in your signature goes to show others that you are bound by your limitations, either fictitious or innate. These people are very particular about certain things/aspects of life. They will get very angry and irritated if those things are not done on time and/or in that particular manner

Ill-tempered and boorish

Some signatures have crossed strokes. It is a sign of a sardonic streak. It is due to wrath sustained from deep inside. They strive hard to be a dominant personality and can’t manage the average ambiance around them. 

Straight signatures

If you see a sign that is perfectly in line with the paper cross-section, like a typed write-up, you can get the hint that the person who signed is well-organized. Without any lines on the paper that you sign, you had lines in your head to sign straight. That shows you are level-headed. They have superior balance and better control in whatever they do. The best example of this is the signature of the world-famous Steve jobs. He knows precisely what he does. These people are also self-sufficient in nature. 

Some other important inferences related to signatures and personality that are worth reading are listed below. 

Researching 100s of top guys in the creamy layer of society, these fact sheets are presented by the researchers for your perusal.

  • Larger signatures in most of the studied people revealed that they have this innate tendency to bend the truth quite often. Be cautious about these managers in your company. 
  • Extra large signatures that occupy more space on the white paper show extravagance. 
  • Signature sizes denote your confidence level too. The bigger they are, the more confident you are. The medium-sized they are, then the balanced person they are. The smaller the size of the signature, the less confident your personality you are. 
  • The embellishments on the higher side denote that the person is complex in their thought process and expectations. The simple signature to legibly understand for all, then the most inspiring personality you are who is mostly outspoken

Now, the most important question that crops up in the reader’s mind is this. When you call graphology a science that studies writing styles linking them to the human psyche, can we trust all these interpretations to be 100% right always? To answer that on your own, when you have a get-together, then have fun experimenting with your friends and folks based on the above interpretations. You shall find out the percentage of accuracy and enjoy your findings. 


To conclude, the size, legibility, angle, beauty, embellishments, and incomplete nature of the signatures tell us stories about their personality. Using that as a hint if we can manage human resources better than that would be a valuable skill in your managerial kitty. However, deeper studies are going on, with some remarkable findings coming in now and then. Pay heed to such updates, as these are also useful in our professional and personal lives. 

Get your signature analyzed by a certified graphologist/handwriting analyst to know more about yourself today. 

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