Why Signature Is Important In Graphology?

You think it is all about legibility that matters when you sign your own signature quickly! However, there is something more that your signature can indicate. It is important to sign your name in a way so that people can actually read it, but this credential is subject to variation. Whether your signature is an abbreviation of a full name, some scribbling, or a proper one, a graphologist can tell a lot of things about you just by studying your handwriting thoroughly. This involves the way you use the slant, create loops, cut the t or dot the i and j, and more. This article highlights some facts that your signature can reflect about yourself and why it is important in graphology. 

What does your signature reflect about you?

The study of signatures is an important aspect of graphology. It can tell a lot about your personal and professional traits. If you have a complete and clear signature, then you are likely to be a straightforward and open, and outspoken person. On the other hand, people with an indecipherable signature love being all by themselves and doing things only for their own welfare. 

Also, people who prefer short signatures are more impatient than those who do the full signature. According to graphologists, people who sign too steeply have a chance of having neck, shoulder or upper back pain. They have too many expectations from themselves. No amount of progress is enough for them 

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What effect does your signature have on your entire life?

Signatures tell a lot of things about yourself that you might not have even realized to date. Just like a signature is termed as a unique way of writing one’s name, it is also a good picture of your personality. You can learn about the effect signature has on your whole life by just studying simple facts about it. 

It reveals your temperament and nature depending on the manner you write the letters, whether large or small, light or dark, angled or curved. Certain personality traits such as communication ability, creativity, honesty, emotional wellbeing, and more can be simply determined by just taking your signature into concern. The study of signatures also reveals other traits like the level of confidence you have, outgoing nature, ability to set a primary goal, social skills, and more. Thus, it can be rightly said that the manner in which you sign your name can tell a lot about your personality traits effectively. 

 The study of signature or signature analysis is largely dependent on certain factors. These include:

  1. Size of your signature
  2. Use of first and last name
  3. Underlying signature
  4. Size of your signature’s first letter
  5. Backward strokes or loops in signature
  6. The use of dots

The size of your signature is considered to determine whether the writer wants to be unnoticed or noticed. To determine the size of your signature, a graphologist will ask you for a copy of your handwriting. Large size signature means that you are craving to get noticed, are confident, and highly bold. On the other hand, a writer with a medium-size signature means they simply fit in, and one with a small size signature refers to the person’s lack of desire to get noticed. These types of people love a serene and solo life with zero interference.

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A simple thing like underlining your signature can reveal your self-reliance in a very modest manner. It states that the person with the handwriting in question has got good confidence levels when amongst outsiders and is highly self-reliant. The more stylish and prominent the underline is, the more attention seeker is the writer. She or he loves getting noticed easily and can do anything that will help them to be the center of attraction. They can even get involved in any unexpected action if they think they are left unnoticed. However, if the underline under the signature is kind of a zig-zag line, then the writer has a kind of uncertain behavior. Rightward path of such a zig-zag underline stands for self-reliance, whereas the leftward part indicates uncertainty and confusion.

Even the dot you put on the i or j in your signature can reveal a lot about your personality. An i dot that is used creatively means you prefer standing out in the crowd and are quite different from people around you. The restless behavior of a person is revealed by a straight small line being used as a dot on their i or j. It means that they are quite irritated with themselves or others most of the time. If you completely forget about putting a dot on the i or j, then it means you do not pay any heed to minute details and hate the idea of detailing. On the other hand, i dot that is placed far and much higher than i signifies the writer’s dreamy and unrealistic nature. In case your signature is totally different from your usual handwriting, it indicates your desire not to disclose your face about yourself to others. You prefer hiding certain aspects of your personality and wish to create a completely new identity for some people.

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Signature slants analysis

Every stroke of your signature can tell a lot about yourself- even the slants. Downward slant in your signature signifies your pessimistic nature. It also means that you are facing failures in life for quite some time. Also the personal and professional lives are not going well for this person. People with a rightward slant signature are very sociable. They portray an outgoing personality and can easily mingle with a crowd. However, those with a leftward slanting signature are people who do not have the zeal to push themselves forward. People with an upward slanting signature are always focused on the future. They reflect ambition in their signature and the tendency to take life towards a better future. 

What signature letter sizes tells about you?

Now coming to the idea, graphology portrays taking your signature letter sizes in concern; small letter size reflects your issues with self-esteem. The letter size of your signature promptly matters. It shows your feelings about yourself as well as the world surrounding you. Large signatures, on the other hand, reveal your sense of high status. Whereas medium-sized writing shows that you love balancing value and modesty. So it can be concluded that small writing reflects low self-esteem, while big letters show bigger- self-esteem. But, alongside large capital letters also indicate that you have a very strong sense of self-worthiness. It means you love to make people feel your presence which is totally unnecessary.

If the letters in your signature are illegible, it means your mind is moving quickly. Scrawled letters do not necessarily signify that someone is rude or sloppy. They can come from anyone who works very quickly and is always in a rush to jump to a new project. Illegible signature letters can signify a person’s quick thinking. But this is not desirable in the long run.

If the last name in your signature is more eligible than the first one, you are more clear about your professional life than your personal one. But, in case the first name in the signature is easy to read, then you are a friendly, easy to approach, and direct person having a fairly sorted personal life.

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How to use your signature the right way?

It is a fun-filled experience to experiment with the way you would love to do your signature. Practicing your signature will make it better and ensure that you are consistent with it in every document you sign. This will prevent any kind of issues that can happen when a signature is not consistent. Getting your signature analyzed by a graphologist, finding out the flaws, and then availing a recommendation from the expert will help you both professionally and personally. What you need to do most is keep practicing the signature unless you are sure that it is consistent enough. A professional graphologist helping you do the signature in the right way would do the following:

1. Learn about facts

Learn about facts you wish to convey through your signature. They will ask you questions and take your handwriting into concern and finally decide on things you would love to convey through your signature. Whether you want to make yourself appear as a professional or complex person or a simple-going and easy-to-approach person can be reflected via your signature. 

2. Analyzing letters forming your name

Whether you are creating a new signature or updating the present one, it is important to consider the way you write the letters in it. Identify the letters that are most interesting, like the ones with curves, slashes, and loops such as G, B, or W. This is followed by identifying the simple letters, mostly the ones that are similar both in the lowercase and capital form like O, C, or Z. Next is to determine which of the letters you would want to have as the primary points.

3. Determining the part of the name you want to have in your signature

Determining the part of the name you want to be in your signature tells a lot about yourself. For instance, if your name is Steve Marlyinrose, and you decide to use Steve as your signature, this clearly reveals your independent nature. 

4. Consider the slopes

Whether your signature is upward, downward, rightward or leftward sloping, they all will tell different aspects of your nature. If you want to portray yourself as a person who is ambitious then make a practice of having an upward-sloping signature, just like Sharukh Khan

5. Try to think out of the box

Every signature is unique. If you want to make yourself stand out of the crowd and grab the center of attraction, then it is time to think out of the box. Add some unique traits to your signature and make it a practice. Underlines are one such example you can use. 

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Customized Signature For Yourself?

If you are a person with some handwriting traits or signature revealing something you want to hide from the outside world, it is always better to go for a customized signature. Customized signatures can be availed with the help of a professional graphologist who will consider your present signature and get notes of things you wish to reveal and the ones you want to hide. He or she will then customize a signature for your use that will only reveal things to the onlookers which you are comfortable sharing. 

While a graphologist’s duty is to help you avail a customized signature, it is your responsibility to make it a habit to do that signature everywhere, retaining consistency. Keep practicing the customized signature every day for a span of at least 30 days or until you feel you have been able to completely master it. Remember that the loops, slants, dashes, or dots used in your signature should be the same everywhere. Otherwise, you can end up encountering problems later, especially with signatures on legal papers or bank cheques. 

To end with, a signature and learning graphology is a very important aspect of your personal and professional life. Hence, it is important to get your signature analyzed by a professional graphologist, understand the flaws or facts you are unnecessarily revealing through your signature, and get a customized one for future use. 

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