What does Signature Analysis Say About You?

Signature is one of such things we relish since our childhood. We grow up cherishing the signatures of our elders, famous personalities, sisters and brothers, last but not the least, our teachers who used to fill our pages with red ink with those despairing grades and a scribbled signature. Before we proceed with the article, grab a blank paper, put down your signature, and get ready to go on a journey to know how signatures define our personality.

Is your signature legible?

You must be astonished to know that an indecipherable signature tells something more important than how much rush you were while signing off your own name. Many people in this globe choose not to sign off their signature legibly to not let others know their actual name. Surprisingly enough, during analysis, it has been found that the one who signs them clearly and completely is far more open, uncomplicated, and doesn’t fear revealing to others the real them. On the contrary, an indecipherable signature discloses that the person behind the signature is afraid of getting misunderstood in the society and is always in a hurry everywhere.

what your signature say about you

Have you ever seen someone underlining their signature after signing?

Embellishments in the signature reveal a lot about one’s personality. For instance, underlining the signature once which is called as a single underscore, suggests that the person has good confidence levels and draws this confidence from within and faces the society which is a good trait. It is often said that the things we emphasize are things we certainly want to focus on. This is applicable in signature analysis too.

People having multiple signatures?

These people wear a different mask at different places. They carry different images of self in different places and can be full of surprises.

When there is a line given to put your signature, have you ever wondered exactly where to put your signature?

Yes, you heard it right. Not only the way you put your signature but also the place where you decide to sign is important. Analyst says it has a lot to decipher what is going on in your head. Suppose if you sign in the middle of the line, then your risk taking capacity is medium. Putting a signature in the right margin means that the person has very good risk taking capacity and is not afraid of the future, whereas if a person puts a signature on the left side, it means that the person is quite risk averse.

Does your name have an "I"? If yes, then this is for you.

Forgetting to put a dot on the “i” present in our name can be a sign of absent-mindedness for many of us, but it’s quite intriguing and profound than we think. According to the analyst, missing out on the dot on letter i, actually indicates that this person has no patience to go into details and at times is really unaware of a lot of things going around which is not good at all

Do you also write your first name more haphazardly than the last one?

If you’re like signing a legible last name but don’t like others to know your first name, in this case, according to the analysis, your personal life is not as good as your professional life. And your health may not be in top notch condition. On the contrary, your decipherable first name indicates your personal life is pretty much sorted and straightforward.

Signatures having a downward slope

A signature that slopes downward mirrors the person’s current sad feelings. It also indicates that personally and/or professionally, things are not going well for this person as planned

Let’s talk about slant signatures

Surprisingly a slant to your signature also has a lot to say about your personality. A right slant while signing indicates that the person has an extrovert personality and makes a very genial person, mannered and fun loving. The people who tend to sign slanting left to reflect that they have a tough time expressing themselves  and always need someone to keep them pushing.

An upward slant signature holder has Steve Jobs on their list. This type of signature indicates that you are ambitious and always focused on your goals.

Sign only in initials

People who sign only in initials like shortcuts to success, but unfortunately never get success easily.

Writing only the first name in the signature

This indicates a fiercely independent personality with a strong dislike to anyone’s interference in the activities/work that this person does in personal and professional life. 

Concluding with size of the signature. Well, this is an important factor to consider because it reflects the confidence and self-esteem levels and how much value you give yourself in the society.

According to analysts, size matters because it has much to do with how you feel about yourself compared to your surrounding world. The larger and bigger the signature, the more bluffing the person does to keep up to the larger than life image of self which this person has created since the beginning. Medium-sized signature reveals a balance of humility and manners. And finally, a small-sized signature reflects underestimation of self.

So while looking at the size of any signature, we now hope you know what it means. 

Keep signing, keep shining.

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