Graphotherapy For Health: Live A Healthy Life

The science related to handwriting analysis, another way known as graphology, has enjoyed its existence since the age of Aristotle. Though most of you adhere to handwriting analysis only to keep away from forgeries, you will be amazed to know how this simple thing can speak a lot about your health! Stop blaming your stars for your stress, psychological and emotional turmoil! Instead, get your handwriting checked, and you will discover so many unknown facts about yourself. Well, an expert graphologist can actually say a lot more by analyzing the way you cross the letter ‘t’ or put the dot on the letter ‘i’. Interesting, isn’t it? So here today, you are going to explore some such interesting and knowledgeable facts about graphotherapy for health

What does your handwriting say about your health?

It is quite surprising to learn that handwriting can actually diagnose your health. You and your sibling started writing and learning together, yet none of your handwriting matched hers. Now how is this possible even with the same kind of training? Simple! Handwriting is completely brain-writing, and you two have an entirely different thought process. Everything starts with your thought, and this thought is translated into a nerve impulse that is sent down the neck, the arm, the hand, and the fingers that hold the pen and express everything going on in your mind on a piece of paper. In the case of handwriting analysis, what you are writing is of least importance but how you are writing receives the utmost attention. An expert graphologist takes into concern the size of the letter in your script, the pressure on strokes, crossings like that of ‘t’, Dots on letters like ‘i’ and ‘j’, whether is writing is more angular or rounded, if it’s illegible or legible, whether the writer mix capitals and cursive or sticks only to cursive and more. All these factors are considered and then stalked together to identify the health status and psychology of the person whose writing is in question.

Graphotherpy is also recognized as an interrelated tool to many other disciplines, with psychology being one among them. It depends on the rational performance of the universal movements incorporated with repetitive graphical exercises. 

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In the words of an expert graphologist, handwriting is defined as a voluntary body function, and all these functions are related directly to the reflex and involuntary body functions. Say, for example, digestion is an involuntary function while walking is voluntary. If you end up with a sprained ankle, this will not affect your digestion, but digestion or stomach issues can immediately change your psychology. Similarly, any fault in your handwriting will directly point toward problems in your involuntary body functions. So, it won’t be wrong to mention that handwriting analysis can actually speak a lot about yourself with ease.

graphotherapy for health

Graphotherapy and Handwriting

Graphotherapy refers to the method of consciously making some alterations in your actual handwriting to bring certain desired subconscious alterations in your overall personality. In the words of expert graphologists, graphotherapy is a part of graphology with the end goal to change the graphical gestures consciously, to bring changes in the personality of the one in question at the subconscious level to overcome infinite challenges. 

Your brain sends signals which then pass via the nerves in the arms to your hand, making you write the message. This whole normal process is reversed in the case of graphotherapy. Here your hand will send the message to your brain, which is the powerhouse of actions like lack of determination, low self-confidence, lack of concentration, and reasons behind failures in different sectors of life. You can easily get rid of such negative aspects once you get yourself enrolled for graphotherapy- a simple way to get back to normal living with enhanced confidence.

Handwriting and Your Health

Are you having trouble signing or marking those dotted lines? Or have you seen a significant change in your handwriting? Is it getting sloppy and messy? Sloppy handwriting can indicate muscular or neurological problems. Whereas, if the handwriting changes to become sloppy, messy, and completely illegible, it can be a sign of something serious, like Parkinson’s disease or ataxia. Handwriting has so much to tell about your psychological and physical health. A careful analysis of your handwriting or someone you know can help get the right kind of assistance required on time and prevent adversities. An expert graphologist offering graphotherapy for health services should visit. 

Health and Graphology

Can graphology really help to improve your health? Here are two such situations discussed in detail:

1. Club Strokes

graphology for health
  • Club stroke is formed when the pressure or amount of ink abruptly changes (increases/decreases) within the same stroke of a letter formation
  •  People with club strokes have a tremendous amount of anger, and they are capable of being extremely harsh
  • Club strokes have a lot of side effects on the body
  • People with club strokes have lots of health problems like ulcers, boils, etc.

2. Extensors and Flexors

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  •  Contracting/Flexing a muscle is called as Flension
  • Relaxing/Extending a muscle is called Extension
  • Writing is done by systematic flension and extension of the fingers
  • Writing strokes made by flexing/contracting the figures or flensions are known as FLEXORS
  • Writing strokes made by extending/relaxing the figures or extensions are known as EXTENSORS
  • Flexors and Extensors have a noticeable pressure difference
  • Flexors and Extensors are more noticeable in the lower zone letters like y, g, etc.
  • Downward Strokes are flexors
  • Upward strokes are extensors
  • Flexor pressure has to be more than extensor pressure
  • Normal and healthy people have flexor pressure MORE than extensor pressure
  • People with health problems or poor/ill-health conditions have flexor pressure LESS than extensor pressure
  • There is trouble in voluntary movements
  • This person may have some bone/muscle/joint/coordination/central nervous system problems or issues.

Can you live a healthy life with graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy has assisted a number of people around the world since ages to boost their level of confidence and self-esteem. This has helped them to start their life in a new way, concentrate and work, get rid of the fear of driving, and many more. Graphology helps to shape your personality as well as change and erase all negative traits you hold by something as simple as handwriting analysis and rectification in a certain method.

Practicing customized letters exactly as told by a graphologist for a few minutes daily will improve your health. Graphotherapy brings a change in your thought process which removes the obstacles which are slowing your healing process.

Effective ways to use graphology for a healthy life:

Dedication and patience are the two things highly required when it comes to graphotherapy or handwriting therapy. You will enjoy positive results only if you carry out these exercises as recommended to you by your grapho therapist. Here is a list of 6 ways to use graphotherapy for health.

  • Graphotherapy for boosting confidence and become successful – Enhance your self-esteem and confidence with graphotherapy under a trained professional grapho therapist. With this confidence, enjoy writing your own success story to inspire others.
  • Keep your shyness under check with graphotherapy– Face the society and keep your shyness under check with graphotherapy. This can happen just by some simple alterations in your handwriting.
  • Graphotherapy for enhanced communication skills– Children will enjoy the best graphotherapy to boost their communication power. This will help them to meet their personal goals as well and help them to concentrate better.
  • Graphotherapy to find hidden talent- If you want to explore your kid’s unseen talent, it is best to get in touch with a handwriting analyst. They will help you explore the strengths and weaknesses of your kid and provide assistance to get rid of the weaknesses. This has also helped recruiters with the selection of candidates for their firms.
  • Graphotherapy assistance for the employers- Employers can readily get in touch with graph therapists to find performance issues of their team members and target the problem with the required solution. Trouble makers can be guided and brought back to place with help from a graphologist with simple remedies like changes in handwriting.

How to learn Graphotherapy?

If you are interested in learning graphotherapy to help yourself and others around you, it is essential to first master the art of handwriting analysis right from its core. Unless and until you learn the method to analyze handwriting properly, it will be challenging to identify the problems others are encountering simply by looking at their writing style and pattern. As a result, you will fail to prescribe the right graphotherapy exercises to deal with the situation.

Once you are sure about mastering handwriting analysis techniques, get connected with an experienced and qualified graphologist capable of helping you guide about graphotherapy in detail and teach you the process of prescribing the requisite graphotherapy exercises. It is also important to remember that graphotherapy is a powerful tool that should be responsibly used. So make sure to have a look at and follow all the guidelines related to it thoroughly before you start. 


To lead a healthy life, adhere to the tips and techniques hitched to graphotherapy for health. Get in touch with an experienced graphotherapist and enjoy the results. For more, please consult Neha Phatak, best graphologist in Mumbai. 

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