How to learn Graphology and Graphotherapy?

Will you experience changes in your behavior and habits with certain conscious changes in your handwriting? In the words of a graphologist- an expert handwriting analyst, some changes in the shapes, spacing, letters, and forms of handwriting can mold your psychological traits and the way you interact with others. In life, setbacks and challenges are a part, but the truth is that not everyone has the potential to fight the same in the best possible way. Every individual has their own set of imperfections and willpower. And to get back to a comfortable and healthy life, it is important to uplift your willpower and strength.  

Making certain changes in your personality and behavior is not as easy as it sounds. It might come in the way you live, react, emote, interact, and try doing something new. Even figuring out and understanding the weak and strong points is a huge task. A graphotherapist takes your handwriting into concern, analyzes, and helps you with tips and tricks to get back to a normal life. They do that through different changes in your handwriting along with pattern exercises.

This article will help you learn how to master the art of graphology and graphotherapy with ease. Keep scrolling down to discover more.

What Constitutes Graphology?

Graphology is defined as the science of understanding the human mind via signature and handwriting. A certain part of your brain is occupied by all your body parts, including the hand and the fingers. The brain is the hardware of your body, whereas the mind is the operating system or the software running the hardware. The mind directs the brain about the actions to carry and not to carry out. Since you write with your hand, handwriting analysis is indeed the best and most reliable way to study your mind.  

The mind constitutes the conscious and subconscious mind, whereby the subconscious mind covers about 80-85%, and the remaining is the conscious mind. The moment a person comes to this planet, the subconscious mind is fed with ideas and thoughts about people around- mainly the child’s parents. The subconscious mind easily absorbs everything and eventually controls the brain. Both the signature and handwriting are thus a clear reflection of the subconscious mind. 

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Coming to the uniqueness of handwriting, for every muscle of our body to perform any particular action, the brain keeps sending down some instructions in the form of electric impulses through the nervous system. When an impulse originates in the brain, it travels around a circuit within the brain itself prior to being transmitted to the muscle. In every person’s brain, this circuit is quite unique. Also, for every person, the neural pathways used for communicating between the muscles and the brain are unique, which ends up making the handwriting unique. 

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What Constitutes Graphotherapy?

You can easily understand the subconscious mind, thought process, actions, habits as well as characteristics of a person by simply taking their handwriting and signature in concern. Graphotherapy is defined as the habit of practicing correctly the given altered signature as well as certain alphabets on a regular basis to bring some positive changes in your life and different areas linked to it, such as the success of professional career, personal life, and health. You need to practice the given alphabet and signatures about 11 times a day and will experience the positive changes within 21 days from the graphotherapy sessions. 

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A look At A Graphothepy Session

A Graphotherapy session begins with collecting a sample handwriting of an identified person. A profile is prepared for the person in question, taking their personality into concern besides following all the guidelines as administered to apply the strokes capable of modification carefully. This is one of the primary tasks involving the process of rehabilitation, the potential to work within the dimension of the page, along with the re-establishment of the global image of graphotherapy to bring a change in the characteristics of an individual.

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The process of applying the graphotherapy exercises varies from one individual to the other depending on the purpose of the same, along with the guidelines revolving around the concept of writing healthy and writing well in concern. Getting in touch with a trained and expert graphotherapist plays an important role here. Adequate research and reviews from people who have learned graphotherapy patterns around you are of great help in this respect.

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To master graphotherapy, you need to analyze handwriting carefully and consider the pressure of the strokes, spacing, slants, and lines. High emotional and physical energy stands for high pressure, whereas a less attached person will use low pressure. Besides visiting good graphotherapy institutions, you can also learn it online from experts.


Convincing a reader about the power of graphotherapy is hard, but once you take the right step and follow the guidelines, you are going to enjoy the benefits of graphology with no intention of going back to the previous handwriting. So, What are you waiting for? Hurry up, start your search for a renowned graphotherapist and enjoy mastering its art.

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