Can You Improve Your Relations Using Graphology?

Handwriting analysis can tell a lot of things about your life, including your relationships. Professional relationship counselors often use graphology or the study of handwriting to analyze the state of your relationship and suggest methods to improve it. They take into consideration a lot of aspects of your and your partner’s handwriting, signature and/or simple scribbles as well. Wondering how this works? This article will tell you about the tricks graphology, and graphotherapy holds to improve relationships. 

What Does Your Handwriting Tell About Your Relationship?

Handwritten love letters are definitely adorable. But do you know that they speak a lot about your partner as well? For instance, check the way your partner writes the ‘y’ or cuts the lower case t. These are some of the factors that a graphologist would take into a concern to say about the health of your relationship. Though some people dismiss graphology as pseudoscience, it is widely used by recruiters to hire employees, criminal detectives for forensic and tracking forgery, as well as medical professionals to understand the mental health of patients. One can understand if a person is having neck/shoulder/back pain or issues like headaches or migraine from the writing and/or signature.

Ask your partner to write a small paragraph for you, and then you are all set to start with the analysis. Graphologists believe that the slant of one’s handwriting can tell a lot about how good they are at expressing emotions. If the writing happens to tend left, then your partner prefers holding their emotions within themselves. Whereas, if the handwriting is compact and small, it is likely that they are introverts. Those with handwriting slanting right are quite expressive about everything. 

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Now coming to the spacing between words in handwriting, people who love privacy and are introverts often keep large spaces between each word in their writings. These wide spaces are just like the space that they hold within themselves for everyone else. If you find words in your partner’s writing too close to one another, then he or she is a person who loves staying together. On the other hand, handwriting with an upward slope indicates how optimistic the person is. In case your partner’s handwriting slopes downward, then he or she possesses a depressive tendency, that is being said ‘a pessimist’. 

Different components of your partner’s handwriting can also indicate his or her sex drive. Graphologists usually take into concern the way you write the lower zone letters like y, g, j etc. to determine your libido. For example, these letters in lower case written with a large loop are indicative of a high sex drive.

In a similar way, you can learn about your partner’s passion, ambition, desire to reach success, commitment towards love and family, and more by just studying his or her handwriting using graphology skill sets. 

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Letter M And Diplomacy

Diplomacy is important everywhere in all relations. One has to put a point across without hurting the opposite party. There is a particular formation of M called as the diplomatic M where the first hump is taller than the second hump. Such people are very diplomatic in nature and will always try to maintain peaceful relations everywhere and with everyone to the maximum possible extent. 

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What Are Reflective Letters?

Inductive graphology involves the study of reflex or reflective letters. These letters are highly representative owing to their position in the graphical space and even owing to their structure. Reflective letters refer to specific indicators or symbols of a person’s physical or psychological state, behaviors or tendencies, and more. They can even talk of the causality, wit, humor, and criticism involved in the relationship. 

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How To Find Right Life Partner By Learning Graphology?

It is quite easy to get fooled or carried away by someone’s sweet talk, but what if that person is not a genuine one to trust and commit? Depression, heartbreak, and emotional turmoil are to follow. If you want to avoid such a situation, talk to a graphologist and get the handwriting of the person you have started liking thoroughly analyzed before you end up in a relationship. This will help you to get an idea about the actual plans and intentions behind the candy words. Such is the ability of handwriting analysis or graphology. 

Handwriting is connected to your brain. So many of the things you write can speak a lot about yourself, the intentions, and the mysteries that your thought process is experiencing. Additionally, the science behind graphology can also be used to improve your relationship by growing and developing a strong feeling of love, affection, and understanding between each other. But, again, for a healthy relationship, it is important for both partners to invest in the relationship equally. 

1. Large Writing

Extrovert people usually write large size letters and are the ones who love showering gifts, flowers, and more to seek the attention of their partners. They are often considered flamboyant lovers. You are likely to get carried away by the gestures of such people easily. 

2. Small Writing

People with small handwriting are usually introverts. The best thing is that they are too focused and are masters in concentration. When it is about love and relationship, they go really deep and would take care of every minute aspect related to their partner. While they might not be very good at showing love in obvious ways, they do value it and respect their partner deep within. 

3. Heavy Pressure Writers

Heavy pressure writers are usually highly possessive, passionate, and full of vigor and energy. They dive deep into any aspect of life. Heavy pressure writers hardly back out from their plan if they have already decided something. 

4. Light Pressure Writers

Light pressure writers are people who can easily adapt and adjust to things. They are very easygoing and friendly. They go along with the situation. 

5. Illegible Writing

Writers whose writing is illegible means they are trying their best to hard something from others. She or he is not transparent when communicating with you and can be really good manipulators. 

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Things To Avoid From Handwriting For Better Relationship

A relationship is all about loyalty, trust, and love. To maintain a healthy relationship, the first thing to avoid is being unfaithful. 

1. The dots on i and j can tell a lot about your loyalty in a relationship. To ensure a loyalty stroke, be clear with the i-dot. This should be a dot without any tail. Dots on i with tails indicate anger and frustration.

2. Avoid lots of harsh club strokes, slashes and dashes. People who easily get irritated with self or others in a relationship tend to use a lot of slashes, club strokes and dashes.

3. Avoid putting the t bar simply too much on the left side of the t stem. If the bar is too much on the left side of the t stem, it is a sign of your procrastination.

4. Avoid expressing sensitivity to criticism. Sensitivity to criticism is usually expressed in handwriting with a big loop- like a balloon-like loop in your d, b, l, and other upper zone letters. 

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Can You Improve Your Personal And Professional Relations Using Graphology?

Graphology is a science of handwriting analysis that helps to find out the flaws in your life, alongside suggesting handwriting exercises to improve your personal as well as professional relationships. Professional graphotherapist use their expertise to examine your handwriting and bring out the issues that are stopping you from going ahead in your career and from having a good and healthy relationship and life. The next thing they do is suggest to you relevant exercises or changes that are required to be implemented in your handwriting to help you lead a better personal and professional life. The only thing you have to do is to follow the exercises perfectly for the time frame suggested by your graphologist.

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What Does Close Together Writing Mean?

By now, you must have got an idea about how much graphology can tell about you. Talking of people who adhere to a close together handwriting, that is have very less spacing between the individual words in general are highly intrusive and often crowd others.

To wrap up, it won’t be wrong to say that handwriting analysis does help you in a lot of ways, including developing and growing a healthy relationship. To learn more about graphology and use it to improve your relationships, get in touch with a professional graphologist or graphotherapist today.

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