Why Is Learning Graphology Important For Your Career?

It takes some skill to study one’s handwriting and get an idea about their personality. But have you ever thought of how handwriting analysis can help you improve your career? Surprisingly, graphology and graphotherapy have shown positive results in helping build your career. In this article, you will be exploring some details related to graphology and graphotherapy, and how they can be used for career guidance. 

What is Graphology?

Graphology is recognized as the skill of effectively analyzing one’s handwriting to assess, acknowledge, and identify his or her character. Your handwriting and signature patterns and strokes stand as a graphical demonstration of your manners and thought process as well as reveals your state of mind. Graphology also offers you an insight into the behavior of the person whose handwriting you are analyzing. This will help you to learn more about that person’s character, current state of mind, temper, and more.

Graphology is based on the scientific technique of reaching a decision completely established on common sense, mental interpretations, pragmatic research, and universal concepts. There are numerous factors related to handwriting analysis like the configuration of the letters, the writing style, space and position of the words, strokes, lines, patterns, bends, dimensions of the letters, loops in the characters, and more. Say, for instance, if someone has very low and short crossbars in letter t, then the individual is likely to be suffering from a lack of self-confidence.  On the other hand, downward-sloping handwriting indicates that the person is highly prone to despair, while an upwards touching baseline justifies a happy person. 

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benefits of learning graphology for your career

Why Is Learning Graphology Important For Your Career?

A person trained in graphology is known as a graphologist. They are qualified specialists who master the art of handwriting analysis and can cautiously study different aspects of the writing to understand the person’s likes, dislikes, weakness, strength, and more. A graphologist can even use a small random scribble to access the personality of the one in question. Learning graphology can even help you to recognize suicidal propensity and depression traits. Since this field helps to identify such an important personality aspect, many of the colleges around the country today are offering courses in graphology alongside psychology. 

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4 Benefits of learning Graphology for your career:

1. Employment in consultant and corporate industry

This includes employment as a consultant service and corporate industry employee. These industries hire graphologists to help them choose the right set of employees considering their personality traits, skills, and work potential, which is best determined through handwriting analysis. 

2. Forensic division

The forensic division, courts, and police hire graphologists to resolve their criminal cases and track forgery cases by analyzing the handwriting samples of the suspects. The service of a graphologist is highly essential in legal cases in order to verify doubtful writings in cheques, extortion letters, cheques, and more.

3. Professional assistance at schools

Schools are in need of professional handwriting experts to help them with assisting and assessing students. Besides serving as a guide to the students, graphologists also help the parents get an insight into their wards and make them aware of things they should be doing to ensure a better career for their kids.

4. Career guidance

In the sector of career guidance and career fairs, graphologists help people select an appropriate career option alongside offering them additional inputs helpful for self-development. 

While no accredited courses are available in graphology, as mentioned above, different training institutes and colleges now offer diploma and certificate courses on graphology. You can also opt for distance learning courses from renowned graphologists near you. 

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What does your handwriting tell about your career?

Next time you write down something on a piece of paper, do note that your handwriting can speak a lot about yourself and the career option you should opt for. This is especially helpful if you are finding it difficult to decide your career choices or are not happy with your present career. Professional handwriting experts and graphologists believe that a stroke of your pen on paper can reveal whether or not you are an introvert who prefers a lot of details and working alone or are an outgoing individual who would definitely flourish in the sales sector. In the words of Elaine Charal, your handwriting can be considered as a paper mirror reflecting your personality. 

In Asia and Europe, handwriting analysis or graphology is used as a tool at the time of the hiring process. Some parts of North America, too, are following suit. But if you want to set your career goals clear and enjoy success, name, and fame, it is better to reach out and seek a graphologist’s suggestion.

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How can you use graphology for career guidance?

To determine which career choice is the best for you, the graphologist will ask you to scribble something on a piece of paper. Some facts that a graphologist consider and how it helps them to decide which career is best for you has been mentioned below:

1. Crossing the letter t

If you want to know whether you are a day dreamer or a hard-working individual, or check your self-esteem levels, consider the way you cross the lowercase Ts. If you cross the ‘t’ just at the center, then you are a clear-headed type of person who has some practical goals set and would work to achieve them. If you cross the ‘t’ at a very high point on the stem, then you are likely to have unrealistic ambitions. On the other hand, those who cross the ts lower on the stem are those who prefer keeping their expectations low in order to avoid disappointment. Similarly, cutting the t in a sharp club-like stroke at a higher part of the stem is indicative of the person’s temper. 

2. K tells a tale too

If the alphabet K ends up towering all other letters in lowercase writing, then K is termed as ‘Defiant K. This states that the person does not listen to anyone, has a very hot temper and is quite inconsiderate about other people’s feelings sometimes

3. A sharp M

People writing the alphabet M with sharp peaks and valley are quite intelligent and have good logical and analytical skills. 

4. Writing Os perfectly with no loops

These people have a passion for excellence. 

5. The y and g can justify how well you learn from your past experiences

Letters y and g that are written in lowercase which end in a perfectly straight and big loop indicate that the person does not repeat the same mistakes again in life and has good faith levels. 

The size of your handwriting too matters. People who have tiny handwriting are the ones who love working on small and minute stuff like accounting, research etc. and can make a good career in this field. If your handwriting is bold and big, you are definitely the one who loves doing something big in life and would like to be a leader in any career path you take. So take a profession which suits your personality and enjoy the success. 

why learning graphology is important for your career

Can you improve your career with graphology and graphotherapy?

Simple changes in your handwriting and signature can help you to improve your career. This should be done only under the guidance of an expert graphologist or graphotherapists. They take your current handwriting into account, analyze it, and figure out changes that should be made to help you prosper in the career you wish to take up as a profession. Graphologists or graphotherapists practicing graphology assign you some handwriting exercises keeping your career preference in concern to help you meet your goal. 

These exercises can involve small changes like working on the crossbars on your ts, loops, and slants in your writing, writing bold and sharp, and many more. These exercises assigned to you should be followed appropriately and practiced every day for at least 30 days at a stretch. It is highly likely that you will notice changes or betterment in your career with the same. 

Graphology helps improve your personality and thought process, which play an important role in a job interview. This is because interviewers today hire graphologists who analyze your handwriting to determine whether you will end up proving a good fit for the company or not. Hence it can be rightly said that certain changes in your handwriting can build your career. Get in touch with a graphologist or graphotherapist to easily grab your dream job. You can even take up a diploma or certificate course in graphology and graphotherapy and witness changes yourself. 

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